You have found Maine fishing at its best, and one of Maine’s favorite fishing camps!

Wheaton’s Lodge is a traditional family operated sporting camp ideally situated amidst spectacular lake country in eastern Maine, well beyond the fringe of population and fishing pressures. Our reputation is founded on a long tradition (1952) of proven fishing results, good food, peace and quiet, and warm hospitality.

Here you can enjoy a truly unique getaway just a stone’s throw from the New Brunswick border, fish seriously or casually, relax in a tasteful and unpretentious setting, and enjoy nature’s bounty. You have a legitimate shot at a trophy smallmouth or landlock. And we can provide guest references anywhere in the U.S.A.

North America's Top 25 Fishing Lodges

Wheaton’s Lodge, on the shore of beautiful East Grand Lake, is chosen among North America’s Top 25 fishing lodges by Field and Stream magazine (’07.) Our smallmouth bass and landlocked salmon fishing are legendary.

Maine’s fishing camps and lodges (known as sporting camps in New England) provide a unique and wonderful way to experience the great unspoiled outdoors! You will see backcountry as it should be, with the flavor of Down East hospitality and genuine people. Sporting camps are Maine’s best kept secret, providing for the outdoors enthusiast for over a hundred years. Each camp has its own personality, its own corner of paradise, and a loyal clientele.

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