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COVID-19 Update

Dear friends,

Just yesterday (4/28/20) Governor Mills introduced a four-phase gradual plan to reopen Maine businesses and the economy. The four gradual stages of reopening begin May 1st.

“The stages focus not on essential v. non-essential designations like those used to originally limit business operations and activities, but on the ability of a business to operate or an activity to occur in a manner that protects public health and safety. As the Administration gradually eases restrictions on some businesses and activities, it also implements protective protocols, along with broader additional health and safety measures, to protect Maine people.” –…/governor-mills-presents-safe-gradua…

Unfortunately, Wheaton’s Lodge will not open our doors in May due to the newly revised “Stay Safer at Home” Executive Order and our business classification didn’t make the cut. This is discouraging news for us all.

June 1st marks phase 2: The lodge will open our doors with some contingencies and social distancing measures in place. This may include temperature checks upon arrival, wearing face cloths, dining in your cabin or rotating schedules in the dining room. Sad but true, we have all certainly become used to this new way of going about living our daily lives.

There are still many unanswered questions relative to nonresident travelers during this second phase such as whether nonresidents will be required to quarantine in the state for 14 days before vacation begins. We know this is just not possible for most travelers.

Please know that our number one priority is your safety, health, and well-being in May, June, July, all of 2020 and beyond. Having said that, Patrick and I are working toward a well thought out plan to meet any guidelines provided to us that may further delay opening our doors. We have been promised a checklist and more information in the coming days to help make this possible, hopefully long before June 1.

July 1st begins phase 3: Wheaton’s Lodge will remain open with social distancing and safe practices continuing at some level.

As we continue to navigate unchartered territory, our goal is to apply for a waiver in order to open our doors sooner rather than later. It is our constitutional right to be in business and of service. We will do what it takes to make that happen quickly and within the boundaries given.

This pandemic crisis also has us thinking more creatively and considering all the possibilities about how best to open for business before the dates and phases currently at play. For example, there has been some talk about early opening certain counties or sections of our State where distancing and safe sanitary practices are entirely possible under most circumstances. If you have been to Forest City, on East Grand or other local lakes you know we are the definition of social distance.

Of the few things I know for sure spending time in a cabin on the lake, a guided fishing day on the open water, and comfort food is much needed therapy for most of us. Perhaps Wheaton’s Lodge and others like us should be considered essential simply for those reasons alone.

We will keep you posted as things continue to develop and more news becomes available. In the meantime, do not hesitate to give us a call at 207-448-7723 or email any questions, suggestions, creative ideas or to just say hello.

Wishing you all the best fishes,
Sandy and Patrick

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