Maine’s eastern fringe boasts a variety of proven habitat for wild ruffed grouse.

Abandoned farmland, mixed-age poplar stands, old apple orchards, regenerating forest harvests, and lowland alders — our mixed growth areas have sustained vibrant partridge populations through yearly cycles, and 2015 flush rates demonstrated an abundance of birds.

Migratory woodcock arrive early in October from neighboring New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to augment a base of resident birds, and the action can be spectacular. Both grouse and woodcock often occupy the same coverts, making for exciting hunts over pointing or flushing dogs.


The upland game season begins October 1.

Hire a Guide

Our experienced guides will take you to prime coverts, and make for memorable days afield. In the event of a rain day, you might sample duck hunting on local lakes and streams, catch-and-release landlock fishing on West Grand Lake or Grand Lake Stream, or the late-season smallmouth action on Baskahegan Lake.

Hunt on Your Own

We’ll provide accommodations and food, and point you in the right direction. Your dogs are welcome.

Contact us early to reserve space.